Mountview Tree Experts Announces They Are Open for Business


(Fort Collins, Colorado) The United States Department of Agriculture recommends trees be regularly pruned for tree health, safety and aesthetic reasons. Branches at risk of falling and causing injury to a person or structure are removed during the process, as are those which interfere with a human’s line of sight on a street or driveway. Insect-infested and diseased wood is removed during the process, and these are only a few of the many reasons pruning is essential. This is one task best left to professionals, however.

“To properly prune a tree, an individual must have knowledge of tree biology and growth habits, as this ensures harm isn’t being done to the tree during the process. In addition, he or she needs to have an eye for form and shape, thus arboriculture is both art and science. Don’t try to take this task on without professional assistance, as doing so could not only injure the tree, but it could have a negative impact on the curb appeal of the property and its overall value,” Jason Writz, founder of Mountview Tree Experts, explains.

Tree specialists use various approaches when pruning a tree. Promoting a strong structure needs to be the focal point when a young tree is pruned. As the tree grows, however, the focus needs to shift to maintaining the health and structure of the tree, while improving its appearance. In addition, various types of pruning may be needed to achieve these goals.

“Crown thinning, for example, removes selective branches to allow for greater penetration of light and increased air movement at the top of the tree. Removing too much of the crown in one pruning session can lead to damage to the tree, thus this task must be taken on over a period of time. I work to ensure the right amount is removed and no more,” Writz states.

When certain branches appear to be hanging lower than normal or when a branch no longer has any leaves on it, yet all other branches do, it’s time to call in the professionals. Cracked or raised soil around the roots of a tree is another indicator the tree needs to be examined by a professional, and these are only a few of many signs an arborist should be called for a thorough inspection. He or she is trained to detect problems at an early stage.

“Contact our company, as I am a TCIA Tree Care Specialist and Tree Climber Specialist. Doing so ensures you get an experienced professional, one who has a bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. I”ll care for your trees as if they are my own and protect the value of the property and the health of your trees in the process,” Writz promises.

About Mountview Tree Experts:

A locally owned business, Mountview Tree Experts prunes, trims and removes trees and shrubs in Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor, Colorado and the surrounding communities.

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EMOH Furniture Store Unveils Unique Plan To Cut Customer Costs


(Hong Kong, China)—, which provides creatively-designed furniture pieces and home accessories from all over the world, has recently unveiled their unique business plan to cut expenses for their company. By lowering their own costs, the company is better able to pass those savings on to their customers and provide them with affordable, sustainable furniture that allows them to creatively design their ideal space on a reasonable budget.

Karen Lau, a representative of EMOH Furniture, commented “Simplicity is one of our company’s core values. The furniture and accessories that we sell reflect the charming beauty of a simple life and our belief in ‘the art of less’. Our team knows that its only right that our prices reflect those same values. For that reason, we’ve monitored and altered our business practices to deliver the most affordable  furniture prices to our customers. We want them to understand that beautiful, creative design doesn’t have to be expensive. Our affordable prices put the power to design simple, comfortable homes within the customer’s reach.”

In order to bring lower prices to their customers, EMOH cuts the costs that are normally associated with things like advertising and rent. Instead, the company has decided to rent a warehouse in a non-commercial industrial location. They’ve also cut out the middlemen in the sales process, eliminating the need for expensive wholesalers and importers by working directly with designers and manufacturers around the world to furnish affordable items for

As Lau continues, “Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive, and the business practices that our company employs will help ensure that it isn’t. Our customers will never pay more than they have to for great, simplistic design. We invite customers to take a look at the chic, simple, and natural home design furniture we provide knowing that they’ll be able to afford the pieces they want to buy.”

Those who would like to learn more about what EMOH has to offer or view their selection of furniture and accessories should visit

About EMOH Furniture Store:

EMOH values individual creativity and believes every one of their customers is and should be the designer of their own unique space. Their team aims to furnish their customers’ creative sense of design with home furniture and accessories from all over the world for the creation of a simple, comfy home.

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Guardian Shows Milwaukee Homeowners a Better Way to Buy Home Improvements


MILWAUKEE – Unfortunately, some of the biggest investments homeowners make in their homes often result in disappointment, but Guardian Exteriors has an answer. As a top Milwaukee roofing, siding, and window replacement company, Guardian regularly works with homeowners to produce the best possible home improvement solutions by identifying and accounting for the homeowner’s true needs.

Doing away with the secrecy, scripting, manipulation, and deception typical of other companies, the five-step Guardian approach consistently produces results that no competitor can match. Likely the only option of its kind in the country, the Guardian process is ensuring that more Milwaukee window replacement, roofing, and siding projects produce long-lasting, value-enhancing success and is helping to transform the industry in a highly positive way.

“Nervousness is understandably common among those faced with the need to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof, siding, or windows,” Guardian representative Joe Martis said, “Unfortunately, the usual means of arranging for such important investments tilt the odds unfavorably against the homeowner, with dissatisfaction being an all-too-common result. Guardian was founded to show people throughout the Milwaukee area that there is a better way to purchase home improvements, and we’re proud to be leading the industry in a positive new direction.”

With a nationwide 2014 survey of Angie’s List members reporting an average professional roof replacement cost of over $11,000, such projects are obviously not to be taken lightly. Studies that follow up on major home improvement work, though, consistently report that miscommunication and unrealized goals are common, leaving many homeowners dissatisfied with the work they spend so much money on.

Guardian’s own research into the matter has revealed that such problems can almost always be traced back to some combination of a few deficits inherent in the usual home-improvement buying process. For one thing, typical home improvement contractors of windows, siding, and roofing often employ secrecy against their potential customers, making it impossible for homeowners to accurately compare the available options. Overly scripted sales processes are designed to funnel homeowners into whichever arrangements are most convenient and profitable for the contractors instead of accounting for the unique needs of each homeowner.

A third common source of trouble is that manipulative, high-pressure sales tactics can lead homeowners to accept proposals that do not serve their best interests. Finally, outright deception in the buying process is also widespread, as with job quotes that come with made-up expiration dates or other means of dishonestly influencing purchasing decisions.

The exclusive Guardian process was designed to do away with these stumbling blocks in a direct, fundamental way, thereby offering up a better buy way to buy home improvement. Thanks to strong relationships with a huge range of manufacturers, Guardian gives clients transparent, informed access to the whole range of available options.

Building on a thorough, on-site inspection that accounts specifically for common sources of trouble like attic-related issues, building envelope issues, venting issues, etc. the company also develops a detailed, strategic, needs-informed proposal for every Milwaukee siding, roofing, or window replacement job. Being educated about each situation and the available options, Guardian clients benefit from the kind of home improvement work that has led the area in satisfaction rates for several years. Those interested can learn more about the unique Guardian approach at the company’s website and are invited to submit questions using the contact information found there.

About Guardian Exteriors, Inc.:
For over twenty years, the people at Guardian has been raising roofing, siding, and door and window replacement standards throughout the Milwaukee metro area. Guardian does away with the frustrations, deception, and sales pressure that are otherwise so common, giving homeowners a better way to buy home improvements.

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ActiveGear Offers Limited-Time Discount on High-Performance Knee Support Sleeve


INDIANAPOLIS — ActiveGear announced a special, limited-time sale on the company’s knee support products listed at While stocks remain, customers will receive discounts of up to a third on knee support purchases made through the company’s e-commerce store at and at its storefront. With premium construction, best-in-class comfort, and field-proven performance, the ActiveGear knee support sleeve is the number-one product of its kind.

“We’re happy to announce a special sale on our industry-leading knee support sleeves,” ActiveGear representative Angela Hamilton said, “As our many loyal, enthusiastic customers have attested in their reviews and feedback, the ActiveGear sleeve is the perfect answer for all who need some more knee support. Whether for those recovering from surgery or athletes who demand the utmost from their bodies on a daily basis, our sleeve has been designed and tested to deliver the kind of performance, comfort, and durability that all can benefit from. With the sleeve now available at record-low pricing at Amazon and our own e-commerce site, there has never been a better time to buy.”

Among all the human body’s parts, the joints are some of the most vulnerable of all to injury. Inherently complex and tasked with bearing loads that can mount for some athletes to a thousand pounds or more, the knees are especially susceptible to wear and damage. The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, for example, has reported an average of around 12 million annual visits to American emergency rooms and doctors as a result of knee pain, stiffness, and similar problems.

For many who undergo and seek to recover from surgery, experience chronic knee problems, or simply feel the effects of long-term wear and tear, a knee support device is the recommended answer. Incorporating a wide range of scientifically derived principles, top-quality materials, and uncompromising production techniques, the ActiveGear knee support sleeve is the top product of this important kind.

Certified by the International Powerlifting Federation and the International Weightlifting Federation for usage in both “Open” and “Raw” competitions, the sleeve is capable of providing enough support to benefit athletes squatting 800 pounds or more. At the same time, the device is so comfortable and light that it only enhances the performance of ultra-endurance athletes remaining active for many hours at a stretch.

For a limited time, the industry-leading ActiveGear knee support sleeve is available at an unprecedented discount through the company’s online store and from Amazon at Shoppers at the company’s Amazon storefront can also use special codes listed there good for discounts on larger orders and the company’s equally popular waist trimmer belt.

About ActiveGear:
Get ready to take control of your workout with a top-quality ActiveGear knee support sleeve, waist trimmer belt, or other high-performance product.

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Blue Works Company Celebrates $25 Million Of Combined Contract Experience


(Clearwater, FL)—Blue Works Company, a premier pipelining and plumbing repair company serving the government, business owners, and residents of Clearwater, Florida and the surrounding areas, has recently announced at that they’ve garnered $25 million of combined contract experience over the last six years they’ve been in business. Blue Works is celebrating their rapid expansion as they continue to serve the commercial, industrial, government, and residential markets in their local jurisdiction.

Jeremy Schultz, a spokesperson for Blue Works Company, stated “Everyone on the team here at Blue Works is extremely proud to be celebrating this $25 million milestone for our company. We approach every single project we take on with the same dedication, and we all work toward the same goal – to go above and beyond for our clients and provide them with the plumbing solutions they need to live and work comfortably in any space. Having $25 million in contract exposure is simply a testament to the large amount of trust that our clients have placed in the Blue Works Company team, and in return we always strive to give them our very best.”

Blue Works Company is a Certified Florida Master Plumber as well as a Certified General Contractor (Tower & Specialty). Every member of their team is insured and bondable with proven experience writing DOD Contractor Specifications. At clients can get a glimpse of the projects Blue Works has completed over the last few years that have led them to their $25 million milestone.

As Schultz goes on to say, “Our team follows a proven process of data collection, analysis, work-flow scheduling, communication guidelines, and quality assurance inspection. Every project is given a thorough review for long-term and cost savings solutions based on the current and past challenges of the plumbing system. This, along with investing time and money into new technology and methods, has gotten us where we are today. We are grateful for our current clients and look forward to working with many more over the next 6 years.”

Those who are interested in Blue Works Company’s pipelining and plumbing repair services can visit to learn more.

About Blue Works Company:

Blue Works Company provides pipelining and plumbing repair services for commercial, industrial, government, and residential markets in and around the Clearwater, Florida area. The Blue Works Team has serviced over 250,000 linear feet of piping and has over $30 million in consistent pipe rehabilitation contract exposure. The company has invested time and money into various technologies and applications for plumbing restoration and seeks to continually improve their methods and expand their capacity to provide the best service in the business.

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Ben Franklin Plumbing Launches Trenchless Repair Benefits Awareness Campaign


(DeKalb , Illinois)– Based on year-old reports from authorities within the plumbing industry, average sewer line repair projects carried out using traditional methods can potentially run homeowners $5,000 or more beyond basic remediation costs. This price surge leaves a number of consumers searching the market for more cost-effective alternatives. In light of this development, a spokesperson for Ben Franklin Plumbing Northern Illinois ( has launched a campaign to better inform area residents of the benefits of trenchless sewer repair.

Said the company spokesperson, “We’re the northern Illinois area’s leaders in sewer repair, and our team specializes in trenchless technology and techniques. We’ve been offering this service here in the greater Chicago area for more than 14 years. That’s not combined experience; it’s actual years of training and installation. Despite the many advantages of no-dig repairs and the widespread use of these methods, it has recently come to our attention very few home and property owners are aware this option is available to them. We hope to change that.”

According to the previously-mentioned report, additional expenses associated with conventional strategies stem from post-repair restoration of streets, paved driveways, sidewalks and other hardscape or landscape features. Though per-foot costs of trenchless repairs were considerably higher than traditional techniques during this technology’s early days on the market, this aspect has leveled off over the years. Both pipe bursting and pipe lining now fall into price ranges comparable to those of more invasive approaches.

Trenchless techniques entail creating either a single or double access hole through which repairs will be implemented. Pipe lining, or cured-in-place pipe, is a repair method in which a flexible pipe is pulled through the existing one and left to harden, eliminating leaks and cracks. Pipe bursting, another widely used trenchless tactic, is carried out by simultaneously installing a new pipe and breaking away its damaged counterpart. Further information can be found at

Concluded the Ben Franklin spokesperson, “We’ve performed hundreds upon hundreds of trenchless repair projects over the years and have been a certified Perma Liner Platinum Installer Member since 2009. Our work comes with a lifetime warranty as well as the experience, efficiency and professionalism for which our company has become known. On top of that, customers gain the added benefit of not having a great deal of out-of-pocket follow-up repairs to deal with. We encourage anyone in the northern Illinois region in need of our services to contact us for a free estimate.”

Questions and estimate requests may be presented by phone or submitted via the form provided at

About Ben Franklin Plumbing Northern Illinois:

Offering the full array of plumbing services, Ben Franklin Plumbing of northern Illinois provides around-the-clock repairs. The company is bonded, licensed and fully insured while granting customers the benefit of extensive industry experience.

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Fast-Growing, Ontario-Based Furnace Rental Expands West Through Alberta


HAMILTON, Ontario — Furnace Rental has expanded its service area to include major cities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, the company reported at Having grown to become one of Ontario’s leading providers of furnace, air conditioning, water heater, and other rentals, Furnace Rental now offers its industry-leading services throughout Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta; in Winnipeg in Manitoba; and in Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

As before, Furnace Rental clients throughout the expanded service area receive top-quality equipment with no up-front costs, credit checks, or ongoing obligations, making the company’s offerings the most affordable, accessible ways to equip a home with all the heating, cooling, and other amenities that might be needed. More information can be found at the Furnace Rental website at, where visitors can also sign up for a free, two-minute quote and learn about the company’s current special offers.

“We’re happy to announce that our long-awaited expansion is well underway, and we are now serving clients as far west as Calgary,” Furnace Rental part-owner Simon Alexander said, “Having built up our service area to cover most populated parts of Ontario, this was a natural next step for us, and we’d like to thank the thousands of clients who have made it possible. We think families throughout the major cities of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are going to really appreciate what we have to offer, and we promise to keep up the quality of service that has earned us so many loyal, satisfied customers.”

Between installation costs and the price of the device itself, having a furnace replaced in a Canadian home today will invariably cost many thousands of dollars. While that kind of upfront investment can make sense for some, many families find it difficult to accumulate the necessary capital, with the possibility of being on the hook for future repair bills posing another unpleasant prospect. That leads many to struggle with older furnaces that drive up heating bills with their inefficiency, even while they drain household budgets further by breaking down regularly.

Furnace Rental provides an attractive way out of this common dilemma and others of a similar kind, in addition to having much to offer to those in a range of markedly different situations. With no credit checks or upfront costs to clients, the company installs top-quality furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and softeners, and other equipment at easily affordable terms. As greatly improved efficiency and reliability further lighten the load for clients, Furnace Rental also provides expert 24/7/365 service at no additional charge, with many customers even receiving company-submitted government rebates in the bargain.

This appealing combination of terms and options has made Furnace Rental a valuable asset for thousands of customers throughout Ontario. In extending the company’s services to the most populated parts of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, Furnace Rental opens up an important option to even more Canadian families. Those interested can learn more at

About Furnace Rental:
Canadian-owned and operated, Furnace Rental provides the best in full-service furnace, air conditioning, water heater, and other rentals to clients in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, with no upfront charges and free, fast repairs and maintenance.

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Van Man York Removals Introduces Self-Loading Removal Service


(York, UK)–Van Man York Removals, a premier removal company serving the city of York and the surrounding areas, has announced the introduction of their self-loading removals service. This service allows those who are moving out of their home or office to have the option of packing and loading their own items so as to save money on their moving expenses. Those who would like to learn more about this Van Man York Removals’ self-loading option or get a quote for this or other services should visit the company’s website at

Ralph Gosine, the founder of both Van Man York Removals and Gosine Removals (a sister company), stated “For most people, packing and moving not only means lots of frustration, it also means having to spend a lot of money on packing, moving, and cleaning. We’ve introduced our self-loading removals service in order to help those moving out of their home or office keep more of their money in their pocket. Our team of movers loves what they do, but we also realize that not all customers have the same level of need. Those who are happy to pack and load their own boxes can save money by simply using our vans and drivers to get where they need to go.”

In order to take advantage of Van Man York Removals’ self-loading service, customers need only visit their website and fill out their short contact form. Customers who choose to load their own boxes will pay only for the van and driver, saving them money on moving services. Unlike a van hire service, there is no need for the customer to worry about dropping off the van to the Van Man York Removals headquarters after they are done unloading.

As Gosine goes on to say, “We see it as our mission to take the frustration and hassle out of the moving process, making it as easy as possible for a person to make the transition out of their old home or office and into their new one. Offering a self-loading service is just one of the ways that we are able to cater to the needs of our customers and ensure that we create a custom experience that is tailored just for them and their unique situation.”

About Van Man York Removals:

Van Man York is a Yorkshire Removal Company that has served local people in and out of the city walls for generations. Set up by Ralph Gosine, the company has grown from being one man with a van to a team of experienced removals experts with a fleet of spacious, modern Mercedes Benz Sprinters. From the very beginning, Van Man York has placed a high emphasis on customer care as they know that if a customer is overjoyed with their service they will recommend them to friends. This is why they always go beyond the book to deliver a service that they believe is unrivalled in the removals industry in York.

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Invisible Excavations Launches Education Campaign for Prevention of Sewer Backup


(North Royalton , Ohio)– Studies recently conducted by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation indicate damage to American homes stemming from sewer backups is on the rise. In fact, the number of these types of incidents has surged an estimated 3 percent annually over the last several years. While a significant portion of the nation’s property owners believe those lines running from public sewer systems to their homes and businesses are under city jurisdiction, the contrary is actually true. This leaves a number of people unexpectedly paying out of pocket for remediation efforts.

With this in mind, Brian McDermott of Invisible Excavations ( has launched a campaign to educate area residents on ways to help prevent destruction caused by sewer line issues. Said McDermott, “Sewer line backups happen for a variety of reasons, and some of those can’t necessarily be avoided; however, homeowners can take steps to reduce the likelihood of their homes being damaged by this type of occurrence. In some cases, it’s as simple as remembering not to pour grease down a sink drain and disposing of diapers and paper products properly. Other measure are a bit more involved.”

Though sump pumps are among the most common and effective components used in basement flooding prevention, improper installation of these and other drainage systems has also been attributed to sewer line blockages. Reports reveal connecting drainage solutions to a home’s sanitation system can lead to clogs due to debris buildup. As noted at such drainage implements also require routine maintenance and inspection to ensure proper operation.

Aging sewer lines and tree root invasions are also prominent factors in this respect with the two often occurring in conjunction. While roots can be trimmed away, they tend to continue seeking out water sources and are known to cause considerable damage to pipes. Among the services available through is trenchless sewer line replacement designed to resolve broken pipes and reduce the risk of backups.

Concluded McDermott, “We offer sump pump installation and repair as well as pipe bursting and pipe lining. Our trenchless sewer line replacement techniques give property owners a less costly and invasive alternative to other techniques, and the process is usually completed in less than 24 hours. We guarantee our work for life and offer financing for qualified customers. Local residents may visit our website for more information on preventing flooding due to sewer line backups or to request a free quote for our services.”

About Invisible Excavations:

The team at Invisible Excavations has been serving the greater Cleveland, Ohio area for more than 8 years, offering trenchless sewer repair and additional solutions for homeowners and small businesses. With their knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, complicated, drawn out and expensive sewer pipe repair is a thing of the past. Invasive digging and extensive property damage are no longer necessary, hence their name: INVISIBLE EXCAVATIONS.

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Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar Announces Spring Cleaning Special


(San Marcos, CA)— Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar, a premier HVAC services company serving San Diego and the surrounding areas, has recently announced details about their Spring cleaning special. The offer allows clients to receive a significant discount on the price of a full system maintenance inspection visit. Those who would like to learn more about what Action Air Conditioning has to offer or take advantage of their Spring cleaning special should visit the company’s website at

Brian Amodio, a spokesperson for Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar, stated “When it comes to their heating and air conditioning systems, many homeowners simply adhere to the old saying: ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Unfortunately, this can get them in a lot of trouble when problems that were seemingly small start causing major problems and lead to costly repairs. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, and we are helping homeowners reduce their chances of a surprise system breakdown with the introduction of our Spring cleaning special. For a discounted price, we’ll make sure that a homeowner’s system is performing at peak levels.”

The maintenance visit that Action AC provides with their Spring cleaning special goes beyond just a simple inspection. The technician performing the service will identify any current and potential problems with the air conditioning system and perform any necessary repairs or upgrades. In addition, the technician will make improvements to the energy efficiency of the system by installing an efficient fan control system, cleaning the condenser coil, and even changing the air filter. This service is valued at $300, but those who call the company before the special ends will be able to take advantage of it for only $50.

As Amodio goes on to say, “Our goal is to provide top-notch client service, and offering this Spring cleaning special is just one additional way that we can do that. We encourage clients to get in touch with us to discuss their unique needs and to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified technicians. With the high temperatures of summer approaching fast, now is the perfect time to save money and ensure that AC systems are in perfect working order.”

About Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar:

Since 1975, homeowners in the San Diego, California area have trusted Action Air with all their heating and air conditioning needs, from AC repair to furnace replacement and everything in between. Their team has made a commitment to their customers and strives to offer the highest quality services and products in the industry because they want to exceed their expectations. Their NATE-certified HVAC professionals operate each day with the tenets of integrity, personal responsibility, and commitment in order to achieve Action’s number one goal of excellent customer care and complete satisfaction.

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